PSA “Regular” Service Returns!

PSA is bringing back their regular service, formerly 10 day, on Monday 12/6. Our pricing will be $100 with no evaluation, $110 with evaluation, and an expected turnaround of 8-12 weeks. We will only be permitted to submit 300 cards per week, so once we have 300 cards for a given week any additional cards will be sent the following week. This will be done first come, first serve.

This option will be available on ClayCardsGrading by Monday 12/6. 

PSA will be offering regular on their website as well, but it will be through a lottery system, and if you win the lottery you will only be allowed a maximum of 5 cards in your order.

A lot of information there, so if you have questions feel free to reach out. Excited to continue moving toward more affordable PSA Submission prices!

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