SGC Group Submissions Coming Soon!

Coming soon to ClayCardsGrading… SGC Group Submissions!

In light of PSAs recent shutdown, I have come to an agreement with SGC to become one of few SGC group submitters.

At this point in time I truly believe that SGC is an excellent option for many cards at the price point we are receiving.

I strongly suggest doing some research on what cards will be best suited for SGC. You won’t see the price increase that you do with a PSA 10, but after doing some research myself I see many cards (certainly not all) are close to PSA 9’s / BGS 9.5’s in pricing as SGC 9.5’s.

If your goal is to flip cards for profit, you will be able to flip 8-10 SGC submissions in the time it would take to get one PSA value submission back. It is also my belief that SGC slabs will see a price increase in the next few months, but that is yet to be seen.

SGC submissions will be offered at $37 per card without evaluation and $40 with evaluation. I have been told over and over again, from SGC reps and people who have submitted to SGC before, that turnarounds will be in the 20-25 business day range. 

We are currently working on adding SGC to the website, more to come!



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