Turnaround Times

Hello again, hope everyone is enjoying their Wild Card Weekend!

Wanted to make this post regarding turnaround times.

Firstly, EVERYONE is frustrated with turnarounds, not just you. Unfortunately, it is the reality of grading cards right now. You have to be prepared to wait, and there is nothing that can be done to remedy that wait.

Secondly, without guaranteed turnaround times I genuinely do not know when your cards will be back. I can make guesses, but they are just that, guesses. I have posted in multiple places on the website that turnaround times are estimates.

This hasn’t been a huge issue, just want to reiterate these pieces of information to hopefully save some future unneeded messages.

Here is what I have seen most recently:

Most recent 5 Day return was sent to PSA 11/30, entered by PSA 12/11, and shipped from PSA 1/6. Keep in mind there were two weeks (Christmas and New Year’s) that PSA was only open 3 days.

Most recent 20 Day return was sent to PSA 8/20, entered by PSA 9/26, and shipped from PSA 12/4.

Most recent 45 Day return was sent to PSA 7/1, entered by PSA 7/17, and shipped from PSA 12/29.

For the foreseeable future I would expect 45 day to be more like 100, 20 day to be more like 50, and 5 day to be in the 15 day range. 

Again, these are estimates and can vary.

Appreciate everyone who has submitted and will continue to submit. Hopefully this will help give an idea what to expect.

Thanks, and go Browns!!


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