PSA / Collector’s Universe Sold + Update!

Wow! What a busy / important week in the hobby.

Collectors Universe $CLCT (PSAs parent company) has agreed to a sale for approximately $700M to Nat Tuner, Steve Cohen, and other investors.

I’m sure many of you are aware by now, but Nat Turner has been very active in the sports card space and is an avid collector himself. He possesses an amazing collection (as you can imagine), check it out on IG @natsturner_cards

If interested, you can read more about the sale here.

Long term, I believe this is a great thing for our hobby. I am hopeful that having a true collector heading up Collector’s Universe will make a big impact. To me, it also shows that the hobby really is here to stay.

Now, onto the website.

As of December 2nd, everything that has been received has been evaluated (if required), and 95% has been sent to PSA. We are nearing 300 submissions on the website to this point. I’m very happy with the speed that we have been able to get things completed at, and I’m hopeful that we will continue to be able to keep this pace.

Currently, we are working on setting up text & email updates that are automated to be sent when your order status changes. No timetable for this as of now, but it is in the process!

Then we will also be working on providing step by step updates of your cards as they go through the steps at PSA. Again, no timetable for this yet but it’s coming!

As of now, you’ll have to login to see your order status and the step by step progress at PSA isn’t available. Improvements are coming!

Thanks for the support thus far! Excited to continue improving on the best submission service out there!



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