Prices / Turnarounds

Below you can find a photo of the updated pricing for ClayCards PSA Submissions. The price changes from PSA were substantial, so we have had to adjust in a big way.

A few changes you may notice:

First, we are adding a Super Express service. While costly, this is as good as it gets beside a walk through submission. This also has a maximum declared value of $4999.

Secondly, we are going to begin accepting TCG (Pokemon / Yu-Gi-Oh / Magic) as Value submissions. These will need to be kept separate from sports cards, there will be a “Value TCG” option on the form. You can also still submit TCG cards in the Regular, Express, or Super Express submission types.

PSA has also essentially done away with turnaround times. Personally I like this, as they could not stick to the turnaround times anyway. They now offer Complete Through Dates (CTD) on their website. Basically this date is the oldest submission that they have in house for that specific submission type. I have a screenshot of the CTD page from today (3/4/21) below. You can also view it yourself using this link, just scroll down a bit.

For example, Value Modern has a CTD of July 5th 2020.. or 8 months from today. So the current worst case scenario for a Value Modern submission is 8 months. Again this is worst case, I have gotten a modern submission from September back, so there’s a wide range of outcomes.

It is my understanding that the 45 day submissions and 20 day submissions have been combined to make the Value Submissions, Regular is formerly 10 day, Express is formerly 5 day, and Super Express is formerly 2 day. I believe 20 day submissions already at PSA would fall into “Economy”, but I am not positive about this.

PSA has also done away with Crossover service entirely.

Any orders that are already marked on your account as “Sent to PSA” or later are locked in at the old pricing. I will be reaching out to everyone else as soon as possible to present options.

We are still working on getting the form back up and running. The changes have thrown a wrench in the coding for the website. Hope to have it back up soon.




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