New Year! Let’s Get Started!

Hello all!

Hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday season among family and friends. We kept it pretty quiet, but it was nice to enjoy a little free time.

That being said we are making final preparations to opening the site back up for submissions. Just a few changes / information to share coming into the new year.

PSA did NOT change any prices at the year end for the first time in I believe 3 years. This was a pleasant surprise.

However, when they do inevitably change prices in the future I want to put the process out there. Any cards that are in my hand will be honored at the previous price whether they have been reviewed / sent to PSA or not. Any cards that are not in my hands will be subject to the price change when they arrive. AGAIN, this has not happened yet!! Just want to put it out there for the future.

Automated text / email updates are also now operational on the site!! This means that when the status of your order changes you will receive an update. Currently the steps are as follows, but we hope to add to them in the near future:

Awaiting Shipment -> Cards Received -> Cards Reviewed -> Cards Sent to PSA -> Cards Entered @ PSA -> Invoice Sent / Awaiting Payment -> Invoice Paid / Grades Uploaded -> Shipped to Customer

We hope to add more steps to this in the future, including the steps at PSA, but for now these are steps that are available.

Looking forward to continue providing the best submissions possible in 2021!





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