Hello everyone!

Where to begin… on one hand it feels like it has been a long time since I’ve taken any submissions for PSA — on the other hand I still get submissions back from PSA weekly, so the work hasn’t stopped!

After receiving 20,000+ cards for the June submission something had to change. Messaging back and forth with everyone about their cards, then again to get payment, then again to ship them back just wasn’t working anymore. So I set out to have a website created that would make the process easier, and I firmly believe we now have the best platform available for PSA submissions. And it’s only getting better!

I’m ecstatic to be able to offer this to everyone, and I really appreciate those who have stuck by me and consistently inquired on when I would be accepting submissions again. It really validates the work that has been put in. I truly believe this changes the game for grading. 

Please take some time to browse around the site and find all that is available for users.

Updates to come!



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