Price Increase

Hello all! Not the kind of post I want to make, but a necessary one.

I’m sure most of you are aware that PSA has substantially increased prices. While this is unfortunate, it’s tough to argue with it from PSAs perspective.

As soon as possible, the website will be updated with a new form to reflect updated turnarounds / prices. I had hoped to open this form back up today, but I do not believe that will happen. March 1st was my original plan as I was out of town until today, but came home to quite a mess with the price change.

Anything marked on your account as “Sent to PSA” or later is still at the old price. Nothing has changed for those submissions.

Previously, anything in hand before the price increase was honored at the old pricing. Unfortunately, the price increase was simply too big for me to just eat the difference in price. I am sorry for this inconvenience but eating $1000’s of dollars just isn’t feasible.

I will send emails out to anyone effected by the price increase in the coming day to let you know the new cost and give the option to have your cards submitted or sent back.

Another post will be coming with the new prices & services.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!



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