First Week Down!

Hello all, we are officially a little over a week of the website being live! Wanted to share some updates and progress.

Website has been working well. Few small glitches here or there, most have been resolved, a few are still being worked out. Probably the biggest glitch right now is the overlapping issue when viewing your list of cards on your account page. Hope to have a resolution soon!

We have received a little over 100 submissions via the website since it went live. Awesome turnout and I really expect it go keep growing from here. I’m still a firm believer that this is the best platform available for PSA submissions… and it’s only getting better!

Thus far, ALL CARDS received Friday or earlier have been sent to PSA, whether they required review or not. You can see this reflected on the orders tab of your account. My goal of getting stuff sent to PSA quickly has been a success so far, having another set of hands has really helped!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted thus far, looking forward to even more this week!

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